Gospel City Church | Church Planting Boot Camp (Jun 17-21)
Gospel City is a gospel-centered, English-speaking (English ministry) church in Seoul, Korea. Located in the heart of Itaewon at the Hamilton Hotel.
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Church Planting Boot Camp (Jun 17-21)

Church Planting Boot Camp (Jun 17-21)

Gospel City’s vision is to plant healthy gospel-centered churches in Korea. And this summer, we hope to send a team to Church Planting Boot Camp to get trained in church planting. If you are interested, email info@thegospelcity.org

  • Dates: June 17-21, 2019
  • Location: Torch Trinity Graduate University


Church Planting Boot Camp will provide an introduction to the major start-up issues the planter faces in the first year of starting a new church. This course will cover thirty practical skill modules in the areas of personal preparation, strategic planning, core group development, and public launching. Boot Camp style training with immediate interaction, application and coaching applied to each training module will be utilized.


  • Day 1 – Preparation: Building Six Foundations for growth and reproduction
  • Day 2 – Conception: Turning your dream into a clear & compelling vision
  • Day 3 – Prenatal Development: Gathering Critical Mass for a healthy launch
  • Day 4 – Birth: Tackling Consumer Christianity by making disciples
  • Day 5 – Growth & Reproduction: How will you sustain growth & reproduction?


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