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Gospel City is a gospel-centered, English-speaking (English ministry) church in Seoul, Korea. Located in the heart of Itaewon at the Hamilton Hotel.
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GCC Ministries

GCC Ministries



Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry serves elementary-age children as well as younger children during the main service. If you would like to serve as a teacher/helper and invest in the next generation, please contact our children’s pastor, Eunice (euniceyun7@gmail.com). *Please note there is no children’s ministry during the 2nd service.


Media Team

No prior experience is required; all that’s needed is your willingness to serve. Please contact Jeong Eun (jeongeun872@gmail.com).


Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry prays for each person who walks into Gospel City to encounter God and be transformed by the gospel. Also, we pray for individual needs and concerns. If you have a passion for intercession, please contact our intern Minji (renyirenyirenyi@gmail.com).


Welcoming Team

The welcoming team would like to invite those who want to serve Sunday service by preparing and welcoming people. If you have a heart for warmly welcoming people, please contact our intern Gary Choi (garyjchoi@gmail.com).


Worship Team

 If you have a passion for praise & worship and would like to serve as a singer or an instrumentalist, please contact our interns:
  • 1st service – Dennis Oh (everytribe@gmail.com)
  • 2nd service – Joseph Song (forgivened@gmail.com)



For the City (FTC) Ministry

FTC consists of core members who actively serve this city through local outreach, focusing primarily on the Itaewon area. We are looking for those who can commit for at lease one year as a core member. If you have a passion for the poor and needy and/or have a heart for social justice issues, please contact FTC leader Zoe (forthecity@thegospelcity.org).


Orphanage Ministry

If you’re interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Grace Hwang (graciousgrace1206@gmail.com). Below are the details:

  • Grades Served: Kindergarten to Grade 2
  • Time: Every Tuesday 5:20pm-6:30pm
  • Location: Orphanage near Sadang Station (Lines 2 & 4)


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