[2021 Christmas Fundraisers] Sangrok Orphanage

[2021 Christmas Fundraisers] Sangrok Orphanage


We have been reaching out, building relationship, and sharing the gospel with the children at Sangrok Orphanage since the first year of Gospel City. Due to the pandemic, we couldn’t visit them anymore, but last Christmas, through a fundraiser, we were able to host a Christmas party for all the orphans and their caretakers. Like last year, money donated to this cause will go to any household essentials, school materials, and food for Sangrok Orphanage. In addition to this, our Orphanage Ministry started Gospel City Cares–a team that makes YouTube English lessons for the children at the orphanage. We wanted to provide a resource where they can learn English, since they do not have the same educational opportunities as many other children. In these videos, we teach English and we teach about Jesus. We will continue this project into 2022.

This year, Gospel City will fundraise 2 million and give an additional 1 million from our outreach budget. In total, we will be giving 3 million during this holiday season. Join us in supporting them!

-Pray for the orphans in Sangrok to know God’s love through the service of the staff and our Orphanage Ministry volunteers and for God to touch the hearts of people to continue serving and giving generously
-Pray that the English video lessons our Orphanage Ministry produces for Sangrok Orphanage will bless the children in Sangrok.
– For every orphan to be persuaded that they are not abandoned, but greatly loved by their Heavenly Father and for God to protect the health of each orphan

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