[2021 FALL] Gospel City Classes

[2021 FALL] Gospel City Classes

At Gospel City, we’re excited to start offering classes as a supplement to your faith. We want to encourage three foundational elements of your spiritual formation:

1) Personal Devotions and Prayer
2) Sunday Worship with the Corporate Community
3) Fellowship with Believers in Community Groups

In short, we encourage you to commit to these common and regular means of grace. In addition to these elements, we will start offering classes each spring and fall in order to supplement your spiritual walk.

Last spring, we offered a class called Introduction to Christianity.
This fall, we’ll be offering two classes.
Please read below for more information!


1) How to Read the Bible
Scripture is one of the best gifts God has given to us. Yet often we feel that reading the Bible is not easy. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand what the Bible is saying; other times we misunderstand and misapply it to our lives. In this class, we plan to learn how to read the Bible as we go through the different genres and literatures in it. We hope this class will help you grow in your faith as you learn to read and study God’s Word more deeply. Join us as Pastor Shin teaches this 6-week class on Thursday nights.

  • Thursdays 8:00-9:30pm
  • Starting Oct 21st for 6 weeks

2) Gospel-Centered Living
Every week, we say, “It’s all about Jesus!” A big part of what we mean by this is to be “gospel-centered.” We must be aware of the many different competing motivations to the spiritual life apart from the gospel. Whether it’s a faith driven by legalism, fear, or shame, or whether it’s a faith that unknowingly pursues after idols, such faith is often ridden with guilt and lacks the fruit of the Spirit. The gospel alone has the power to save and change lives. You don’t grow past the gospel; you grow deeper into the gospel. Join us as Pastor Joel and Ben (from our Advisory Group) teach this 6-week class on Monday nights!

  • Mondays @ 7:30-9:30pm
  • Starting Oct 18th for 6 weeks
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