A Poem: Christmas with the Beloved Disciple

A Poem: Christmas with the Beloved Disciple

I (Joel) wrote a poem for our Christmas Sunday Service. It is based on our Advent Sermon Series from the prologue of the Gospel of John. He was known as Jesus’ beloved disciple. Merry Christmas everyone!

A Christmas Poem: Christmas with The Beloved Disciple.

Christmas, Christmas, a season of confusion.
With Santa and his reindeer, don’t fall for the illusion.
That Christmas is about just gifts and presents,
And joy can be bought with dollars and cents.

So lets set the record straight, I’m not talking about vinyl,
I’m talking about Christ and how his Word is final.
In the beginning was the Word, that is his self-revelation.
That God in a Word spoke and now we have creation.

He was in the beginning and he was with God.
But don’t be mistaken, he is also God.
It’s that old doctrine, One God, three persons,
The second of the Trinity is now here in person.

He was not created, nor adopted, not made or fabricated,
He’s coeternal, consubstantial, It’s Jesus! I’m captivated!

Don’t be like Apollinaris, who couldn’t understand,
That God being God has now become man.

Don’t you see, this is the great miracle,
Don’t think this story is satirical!
Because the true and greatest satire,
Is that it’s empty glory that we desire.

That’s why we live in a world so dark,
It’s where we see sin’s clearest mark,
Loneliness, poverty, death, and slavery,
Are all ways we see this great, great tragedy.

So for generations we have tried to fix this problem,
Now we know we need a savior like Gotham,
But we don’t look to a man in a Kevlar suit.
We look to a God and his faithful pursuit.

Cause our problem is not one psycho villain,
Our problem is with the many many billions,
Cause our problem is not that we don’t have enough heart,
Our problem is that we have a broken heart,

We try to help, but it seems superfluous.
We try to give, but we are not generous
We try to love, but it is contrived.
The reality is, we need our hearts revived.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
We cannot save ourselves, only God can do that.
So Jesus came to the world. That’s the Truth. Hold that!

You see…
Jesus is light, He shines bright like the sun,
Jesus is love, He is the beautiful one.
Jesus is God, He is the true king,
That’s why we say, Jesus changes everything.

So here is the true Christmas story.
Jesus left heaven and brought down glory.
He was born in a manger, in a town called Bethlehem.
And from that day forth, the world wouldn’t be the same.

Joy to the world, a light has dawned,
He is our hope, both today and beyond.
The Lord has come, prepare him room,
Make way for him so your hearts may bloom.

Make room for hope, peace, joy and love.
For the king has come from heaven above.
No longer do we pursue these empty pleasures
For the Word has become flesh and dwelt among us.

So remember…
It’s not up to me, No, it’s not about me,
It’s about Jesus and his infinite glory,
So I hope you have a holly jolly Christmas
Because Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Jesus is with us!

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