Discussion: Juggling Life During a Pandemic (Apr 3)

Discussion: Juggling Life During a Pandemic (Apr 3)

Dana is married to David, has three beautiful children, and works full-time. Like many of us, her world has been turned upside down during this unprecedented time. Join us this week for a discussion facilitated by Dana this Friday. She will share more about her experiences, how she is coping, and also ask to hear from you.

Juggling Life During a Pandemic
A Discussion on Zoom
Friday, April 3rd @ 9pm

If you would like to be invited for the Friday night discussion on Zoom, email hello@thegospelcity.org.


Discussion Questions:

  • Take a moment to step back and think about how you are coping with the pandemic. How would you describe it in 1-2 words?
  • What kind of pressures are you under due to changes with work, kids, friends, family, or other roles? How well are you balancing them?
  • What kind of support network do you have in place to help you with challenges arising with this new environment? Where could you use more help?
  • How are you taking care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually during this time to stay healthy and to process your stress?
  • What are you doing to ensure you are leaning on the Lord rather than yourself to help you cope?


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