Gospel City is Partnering with Operation Christmas Child!

Gospel City is Partnering with Operation Christmas Child!

We are so excited to partner with Operation Christmas Child to share the Gospel around the world! Last Sunday, it was so encouraging to see how many boxes everyone took home! Remember we are collecting these boxes on NOVEMBER 28, so you have until then to fill up those boxes and bring them in!

If you got a box, please remember that donating 20,000won, which covers all shipping costs, is ideal! In order for children in need around the world to receive these life-giving gift boxes and hold one in their hands, the donation of ₩20,000 per gift box is critical to cover shipping, discipleship material, and other project costs.

As announced last Sunday, a church member graciously offered to cover for 30 boxes’ worth of shipping. If you would like to have your box(es) covered, please email us at hello@thegospelcity.org.

We will continue to give out boxes this coming Sunday. Next Sunday, we will be collecting them!

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