How Can We See God? | Who Is Jesus? (Part 27)

How Can We See God? | Who Is Jesus? (Part 27)

People often say, “If God would just show himself to me, I would believe.” He could show himself, but he knows that at best, that belief would be momentary. Furthermore, God doesn’t want us to settle for simple belief in him, but a life of love with him. Because God knows this, not only does he provide a way to have permanent faith, but even more importantly, everlasting love.

We can’t see God apart from hearing and going. Too often, our faith is only comprised of hearing. We must learn the pattern of hearing and going so that we may see.

In this sermon, we will learn how God has provided us a way to forever see and love him.


How Can We See God?
Luke 9:1-17
Series: Who Is Jesus? According to Dr. Luke (Part 27)
November 4, 2018
Joel Yoon


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