Juggling Life During a Pandemic

Juggling Life During a Pandemic

Dana is married to David, has three beautiful children, and works full-time. Like many of us, her world has been turned upside down during this unprecedented time. In this video, she shares more about her experiences and how she is coping.


Discussion Questions:

  • Take a moment to step back and think about how you are coping with the pandemic. How would you describe it in 1-2 words?
  • What kind of pressures are you under due to changes with work, kids, friends, family, or other roles? How well are you balancing them?
  • What kind of support network do you have in place to help you with challenges arising with this new environment? Where could you use more help?
  • How are you taking care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually during this time to stay healthy and to process your stress?
  • What are you doing to ensure you are leaning on the Lord rather than yourself to help you cope?


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