Launch Day was Glorious!

Launch Day was Glorious!

“Launch day was glorious.” These are the words of a pastor friend who came to support us. It really was. From the beginning of the service to the end, it was beautiful to see the body of Christ come together and passionately worship Him. There was so much excitement in the room. We had over 100 people come out and support us from many different churches in the Seoul area. In addition, six good pastor friends of mine came out to support and pray for us. Afterwards, people hung out, having refreshments and snacks for an hour. It was so good to see people blessed by our church and enjoying the fellowship afterwards.

I am so proud of our Core Launch Team (CLT). I said to the CLT when we first began that this is not my church, but that this is our church. It was beautiful to see the whole team serve their hearts out. The greeters stood out in the cold for one hour, happily welcoming people to our church. Mind you, it was the coldest day we have had in Seoul of a high of 14f/-10c degrees! Lauren and the worship team led us into powerful worship. The children’s ministry welcomed 4 times as many children as they had ever had. From the ushers to the the slides and even to the clean up afterwards, every responsibility that was delegated was done with excellence, but more importantly, with love. We knew the biggest hindrance to our ministry were the acts of ministry themselves. We knew that our desire for a “perfect service” could be what makes it a Godless service. We wanted to do everything excellently, but more than that, we wanted to make sure we were striving for Jesus. I think we did. I think we pursued after Jesus yesterday. For that, I am grateful. What we prayed for was that God would be glorified, and we know He was.

I want to thank you for praying with us. Your prayers made this day possible. I mean every word of that. There was so much spiritual opposition leading up to the day and if we didn’t have you pushing us forward with your prayers, we would not have been able to pull through.

So again, thank you so much for partnering with us! It means so much to us.


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