Parenting in a Pandemic | Counseling Conversations

Parenting in a Pandemic | Counseling Conversations

Any suggestions on breaking up the monotony of the day for my kids now that they are home all day?

Break up the day into categories of activity. Use the PEPS acronym (Productivity, Exercise, Pleasure, Social).

  • P = school, chores, creative activities.
  • E = play outside, YouTube exercise clips, walks.
  • P = play and activity the child enjoys.
  • S = connecting virtually with friends, texting, calling, Facetime, online games with friends.

Having times you do things together (work and play) and times when the kids do these things independently can also break up the day.


How can I help my children deal with their fears or frustrations?

  • When talking with a frustrated child or teen, empathy can go a long way. Acknowledge that you see how hard it is for them.
    • Encourage them that they are protecting their family and their friends by staying home.
    • Encourage them that this is temporary and you too look forward to them being able to see their friends again.
  • Reassure your children that your family is doing all you can to keep them safe and share some facts & truths.
    • Remind them that medical care is helping people. Limit exposure to news and adult fears. Share only age appropriate information.
    • Help them focus on the present. Remind them that right now we are healthy, and we are doing things to stay healthy.  Anxiety will pull them away from the reality that they are OK right now. Stay in the right now.
    • Embrace the opportunity to talk to your children about death. These are gospel opportunities for you to help them understand the reality that we all need to be ready to die. Talk to the about what Jesus accomplished and the promise of eternal life in Him. Read to them about heaven.


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