September Prayer Points

September Prayer Points

1. GCC Retreat (September 15-16)

  • For the Spirit to be poured upon all hearts
    • There is so much God is doing in our church and we know this retreat will be a pivotal time for our young and growing church. The focus of this retreat will be making Christ the King over our lives and this church. Please pray that all who attend the retreat will grow closer to Jesus and to one another.
  • For new visions and renewed convictions
    • We’ll be having an extended time of prayer at the retreat. Please pray for clarity and wisdom as we seek the will of God for our lives as well as our church. Also for courage to continually walk in obedience.


2. Launching of Second Service (October 21)

  • Please pray for guidance and strength from the Lord as we prepare to launch a second service and for a smooth transition.
  • Also, please pray for God to raise more volunteers who will serve this church and seek his kingdom in our city.


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