Social Distancing Level Raised to 1.5

Social Distancing Level Raised to 1.5

As of Thursday (Nov. 19) the Social Distancing Level has gone up to 1.5. This mean that we will fill up to 30% capacity in our main sanctuary.

However, one of the blessing of meeting at Sinyongsan Church is the large space available for us. We will still have an Overflow Room and Cry Room. In addition, we will change the Foyer area into another Overflow Room to accommodate everyone while keeping the Social Distancing guidelines provided by the Korean government. Seating in the main sanctuary will be first come first serve.

We will take all the precautions necessary and sanitize the space as well. Come by 4:15pm so that we can sign you up and start service on time.

In addition, the service will be live-streamed on YouTube, so please feel free to worship at home when the social distancing level is higher!


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