A Lament of Covid-19 & Racism | United? We Pray

A Lament of Covid-19 & Racism | United? We Pray

United? We Pray is a ministry devoted to praying about racial strife—especially between Christians.

  • Introduction (Isaac Adams)
  • Lamenting racism against Asians (James Choi)
  • A testimony about an under-resourced area hit hard by Covid-19 (Jeremy McClain)
  • Lamenting Covid-19’s disproportionate effects (Justin Giboney)
  • Lamenting suffering & sickness (Courtney Reissig)
  • Lamenting church closures (Mark Vroegop)
  • Turning to God with thanks (Trillia Newbell)
  • Interceding for the vulnerable (Alicia Akins)
  • Interceding for healthcare workers (Austin Suter)
  • Interceding for governing officials (Duke Kwon)
  • Closing Thoughts (Isaac Adams)


***Download United? We Mourn Prayer Guide.pdf


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