Welcoming Team & Media Team Looking for Volunteers

Welcoming Team & Media Team Looking for Volunteers

Gospel City! We are in the midst of rebuilding strong ministry teams for our Sunday Hybrid Gatherings. There is a lot to do each Sunday and your service is invaluable! This is why we want to invite you to consider joining the Welcoming or Media Team.

Welcoming Team: Many of you have joined our community because of how warmly you have been greeted. Pay it forward and consider joining the Welcoming Team!

Media Team: We now have access to excellent equipment, such as an awesome LED screen, top of the line cameras, and more. All of this is going to help create an atmosphere of worship and further the preaching of the gospel. Now, we need tech savvy or detail-oriented people to help run these machines.

If you would like to volunteer for either of these teams, email us at hello@thegospelcity.org

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